About One Billion Lives

One Billion Lives is a brand-new content channel, brought to you by Social Enterprise UK and SAP, that is dedicated to sharing stories from the world of social enterprise. It hopes to inspire a closer collaboration between social enterprises, corporates and consumers to accelerate wider social change.

Social enterprises are businesses who have a humanitarian or environmental mission at their very core – and who invest profits back into this mission. When social enterprises profit, society and the environment profit in concert.

This inspiring and growing movement is the future of business.

One Billion Lives examines the challenges and potential solutions facing those who seek to make a positive difference in the world, from social entrepreneurs scaling their ventures, to large corporates re-examining their supply chains, through to governmental bodies looking to support wider social change.

Our content is designed to give you a quick and punchy take on the world of social entrepreneurship and share the impact that these businesses are making.

For example, our ‘One Life at a Time’ Documentary explores an SAP intrapreneurship initative that enables and nurtures social entrepreneurs on their journeys to tackle some of the world’s most pressing challenges.

Impact Series is a short-film series in which each episode focuses on a different sector of social enterprise, such as Fashion, Food & Drink, and Health & Wellbeing. Here we meet the social entrepreneurs seeking to solve their sector-specific humanitarian or environmental problems.

Gamechangers Series allows you to get up close and personal with exceptional social entrepreneurs. What makes each of them a ‘Gamechanger’ in their own right? We uncover how their personal experiences have led them to try and solve some of the world’s biggest challenges in a creative and innovative way.

We will be adding more content and new film formats to inform and inspire action in support of the growing social-enterprise sector. The solutions to some of the world’s greatest challenges lie in the dreams and expertise of aspiring and established social entrepreneurs. Together we can find a better way for businesses to grow. Just watch.

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